• Why choose LAEV?

    Location – LAEV is located in the gateway to Rocca Al Mare. The majority of offices and residential spaces enjoy views of the sea and the zoo. And these are views that will remain unchanged over time.


    Maximum energy efficiency – there are 50 energy pilings located at a depth of 40 m, providing the heating and cooling needs for the entire building.


    Low costs – The annual energy cost at LAEV is only 0.54 €/m2/month *


    Energy efficient architecture – the façade is decorated with 3977 cladding lamellas, which cut cooling costs by up to 20%.


    On the ball smart home solutions – 100% of the automatics used in LAEV are the newest available from premier manufacturer Siemens, with the control systems operating via KNX protocols.


    High construction quality – the guarantee we give our clients is the “highest” quality class according to EVS standards.


    High level of soundproofing – at a thickness of 6.3 cm, LAEV’s triple-glazed windows ensure the best possible soundproofing.


    High energy class – the highest rating possible for a glass façade building.


    Contemporary lighting solutions – all common areas have 100% LED-based lighting.


    Design in every detail – LAEV is a building with style. The building is influenced by internationally renowned photographer M. Lazarev’s graphic, sea-inspired design.

    *Calculated based on the energy performance certificate