• An extraordinary house for extraordinary people

    LAEV is extraordinary, even down to its location – in the middle of nature, but still in an urban environment, near everything you need. A school, health trails, open air museum, shopping centre and restaurants, zoo, concert halls, ice arena and much more for you to relax or exercise.

    The location has inspired LAEV not only in its concept and appearance, but also when it comes to all interior solutions.

    The goal was to move away from standard solutions as much as the design permitted and peer outside the box, come up with different ideas. By stressing the unique location of the house, its design focuses on openness, light, and breath-taking views.

    All LAEV apartments have higher ceilings than usual, and in atria they reach six metres. The rooms are also wider than is common, which makes them airy and open, and allows for better floor plans. The house has stairways lit by natural light, unique sea views from the bathrooms, hallways, walk-in closets and all the saunas.

    Great panoramic views, sun tunnels created by roof windows, and rays of the southern sun even in the northern rooms add value to the bright and open feel. To make sure that the residents can enjoy maximum isolation, we have put particular focus on privacy and soundproofing, which is why we used special glass panes that are more than 6.2 cm thick.



    Inspired by
    the exclusive

    The location of the house at the gates of Rocca al Mare challenged us to create a specific accent – an exclusive building that would nevertheless fit into its surroundings. The concept of a ship was the best solution to convey the unique location and emotion. This is a clear and distinctive concept that supports the idea of life near the sea, openness and balance, one that can be seen in all the details of the building.



    Grandiose roof terraces, more than 100 square metres large, are not spatially connected to any one particular apartment, so that people living downstairs can also purchase a roof terrace.

    We used large, clean glass surfaces to create a solution where an interior terrace forms part of a room with interior and exterior walls than can be opened.
    This allows using the interior terrace for an exotic winter garden or a stylish cigar room, or relaxing in a recliner looking at the red sunset over Kopli Bay.



    The floating aluminium lamellae that divide the floors and separate parts of the façade create the illusion of waves on the sea. Their function is to act as sunshades and save on the costs of cooling the building.


    Creating tomorrow’s

    The design of the house has put a lot of focus on energy-efficient use. Heating is based on a geothermal heating source and free cooling functions thanks to 65 active rods in the ground. The façade features floating silver lamellae that act as sunshades, thus helping to save up to 20% on the energy needed for cooling in the summer.

    The lamellae are carefully designed and lit at night. The common spaces of LAEV are lit with LED lamps. Energy efficiency is amped up by the three-layered glass in the façade, which guarantees good sound and thermal insulation.


    for growth

    Rocca al Mare is a place for people who value a holistic environment and like to live and work at a peaceful pace. The Rocca al Mare school is a wholesome and unique place of growth for the youngest members of the family, but the environment also offers new possibilities and exciting challenges for those of more advanced age.


    Home as
    a symbol
    of freedom

    This is the place for you to enjoy your home and office to the fullest. Land at a spot with waves crashing against the rocks at Rocca al Mare and the sea air refreshing your mind. On the other side – the racing heart of the city. This is where the metropolis comes together with nature to create an environment unlike anything else in Tallinn.


    Everything you need
    to live an active life

    Jogs on beautiful nature trails are balanced by the modern gyms in Rocca al Mare: MyFitness, Teras, the ice arena, Arigato and the Rocca al Mare Tennis Centre. Beaches are not far away either. Go to the seaside and unleash your creativity!

  • FOOD

    The benefits
    of urban living
    within easy reach

    Rocca al Mare always takes care of its people. The luscious area and its surroundings offer unforgettable flavours even to the most demanding visitors. The top restaurants Ruccola and Umami are just a short car ride away from LAEV, with a variety of other great places for food and fun nearby as an added bonus to the residents with common values and lifestyles.


    Close to
    culture and

    The most popular entertainment spots of Rocca al Mare give you the freedom to shape your days. The neighbourhood of LAEV is rich: Saku Suurhall with all its events, the bowling centre, Tallinn Zoo, and the open air museum, full of history.